My Son, Mr. McGarity

I’m not cut out to be a teacher. Believe me; I tried it. I was terrible…AND I hated it. I was a pretty good coach, but no one ever nominated me for “Teacher of the Year”.  No one. Ever.

But, I married well. And, I married a teacher.  (One marriage; same person.)  A really good one. And, we had children.  Several.  So…

My oldest son — Douglas Chad McGarity — is the 2018-2019 Teacher of the Year at Georgetown K-8 School.

Besides having a mom who passed on the “teaching gene”, Chad married well, too. His wife, Tiffany, WAS the teacher of the year.  Last year.  THEY have won “it” two years in a row.  It’s a budding dynasty.

In my opinion, teachers are a special breed. They do something that is incredibly difficult…nigh unto impossible.  They do something that is largely under-valued in our society, and yet, it is crucial to the future of our greatest resource:  our children. They do something that I know is hugely important, and yet, I’m unwilling to do it.

You’re unwilling to do it.

And, they do it for very little money.

Because they believe that children are more important than money.

Chad:  I don’t know how you do it. But, I’m glad that you do…and I’m incredibly proud of you for doing it. Keep up the good work, and CONGRATULATIONS!!

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