When You Least Expect It

Long Story Short…Oh, Who Am I Kidding?  I Have No Idea How To Make ANY Story Short….🤦‍♂️

I worked late yesterday, mostly because we had a customer coming in today (from China) to examine their inventory, and I wanted to make sure everything was as it’s supposed to be in the warehouse. 🤷🏻‍♂️

It’s REALLY hot AND humid in Savannah right now. Were you aware of that? When I was ready to leave at about 7:00pm, I was soaked to the point that I could smell MYSELF. It was not a pleasant odor. 😖😷

And, I was tired. Brain-almost-dead tired.

Since I had a couple of stops to make before I got home, I changed out of my work clothes, which include work boots, into some walking shorts, a clean shirt (yes, fresh underwear, too 🙄), and my favorite pair of flip flops. Splashed some cool water on my head, shoulders, etc. (🤷🏻‍♂️), and may or may not have emptied half a can of Axe spray onto myself to try to hide my actual aroma. TMI, I know.

So, on my way out the warehouse door, in the process of pushing the door open with my foot — because my hands were full, carrying my boots & dirty, sweaty clothes, among other things — I “blew out my flip-flop”. (No, I didn’t step on a pop top.) Seriously.

I had no other shoes in the truck. I’m not putting my other clothes back on (🤮), and I’m NOT wearing boots with shorts…although our youngest son tried to make that a thing for several years when he was in elementary school.


WalMart. 🤠

Hobble in from the parking lot on my “flat tire” to the shoe section. Flip flops. $10.00. Looks like my old ones. Bingo. Wait. What? Another pair, marked down to 5 bucks. Okay, I can afford to buy 2 pairs of flip flops at WalMart for a total of 15 bucks plus tax. I’m a Warehouse Manager. 😎

Go to the self checkout. Long line. Pray for patience. Line not moving very fast. At all. Give up on prayer. 🤬

Finally get to the actual checkout.
Scan first pair. Screen says, “No cash. Credit/debit card only.”

No problem. Wait… 🤦‍♂️ Remember: wallet is still in work pants, in truck. In parking lot. 🤯 All I have is cash. Long line behind me. 🤯🤬 Every kind of thought except anything that might be Jesus-related. Just being honest.

As I’m getting ready to tell the “attendant” that I need to go to my car to get my debit card (😩), I hear a guy’s voice behind me say, “Your card is in your car?”

I turn around. Young African-American with dreadlocks down his back already has his card out, as I’m saying, “Yeah.” He’s smiling as he says, “I gotcha,” and slides his card into the keypad.

I tried to protest. Too late.
I tried to pay him back with cash.
He just smiled, and said, “Nah. I gotcha. Have a good one, man.”

And, everything changed. The entire universe. Even WalMart. (Well, for a minute or two….)

This morning, I thought, “I wish I had taken his picture”, because I would have made him Facebook-famous today.

I can’t wait to change somebody else’s universe like that. I want to be like THAT guy. I don’t even know his name, but…I think he looked kinda like Jesus….

Have you changed anybody’s universe lately?

I love you all. ❤️🙏

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