I Smell A Rat, Alright

President Trump is right:  Elijah Cummings should clean up Baltimore…by kicking one of the biggest slumlords of rat-infested apartments in the city out of town.

That would be Jared Kushner, the President’s son-in-law, and a member of the administration.

I’m not EVEN exaggerating. It’s true.

Just when I thought the stench of corruption, hypocrisy, and gutter-level vitriol couldn’t get any more nauseating, the Spewer-In-Chief outdid himself.  Again.

Oh, the vicious Twitter attack on Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-Md) on Saturday wasn’t surprising at all, considering the President’s track record of going after anyone who dares to take sides against His Lowness. But, when he went full-regurgitate mode on a historic American city, saying it was “…a disgusting, rat and rodent infested mess… No human being would want to live there…”, the alarm bells started ringing.

The good people of Baltimore seem to be taking exception to the description that the current President offered of their beloved hometown.   

The Baltimore Sun reacted swiftly, running a passionate editorial defending the city, under the headline “Better To Have A Few Rats Than To Be One”.  It’s a pretty informative read.

The defense was not limited to the locals. Reaction to the President’s twitter attack produced rebukes all across the nation, and around the world.  It seems that most of the planet still hasn’t gotten used to an American President who doesn’t know how to act like one.

Of course, by now we know that no amount of shaming, rebukes and negative reaction will have any kind of sobering effect on President Trump. So, not surprisingly, he reloaded and took aim again on Sunday morning.

While Rep. Cummings was sitting in church (literally), the darling of the white, evangelical church crowd fired away from somewhere in the White House:  “Dems always play the race card when they are unable to win with facts. Shame!”

Oh, how presidential.

Speaking of facts, here’s a couple that the President is unaware of, evidently.

*Baltimore is the home of Johns Hopkins Hospital, one of the nation’s most respected.

*The median income in the district is ABOVE the national average.

Baltimore is an old city.  And, like every metro area, it has it’s share of problems.  But, it’s also a proud city, and a resilient one.  It’s citizens care about it. They love it. It’s their HOME.  They shouldn’t have to listen to their President trash it, and drag it through the mud.

But, as usual, he’s not interested in actual facts. He prefers the alternative brand.  When you and I were in kindergarten, our teacher would have called that “a lie”.

The ironies here are especially rich. A Washington Post story reveals that the President’s son-in-law is one of the problems the city needs to deal with:  he owns more than a dozen apartment complexes (totaling thousands of apartments) in Baltimore County, and has been cited for hundreds of code violations, including maggots, mold problems, and — you guessed it — mouse infestation.

Yes, Mr. President, I DO smell a rat. Indeed.

I am so completely done being continually embarrassed by the behavior of a PRESIDENT who lies as a form of recreation.  He also claims to love our country, but he’s NEVER served it. In fact, he lied to avoid serving in Vietnam, and now mocks and disrespects American heroes like John McCain and Robert Mueller, who did serve. He resents their service…their heroism. He’s currently fabricating a story about working alongside first responders at 9/11. There’s no evidence to suggest that there’s any truth to it.

He attacks civil rights icons, and insults any geographical area that he sees as a threat, inventing vulgar, playground nicknames for people and places.

This is our President???

Abraham Lincoln was a great President, and a Republican. Ronald Reagan was a Republican. John McCain was a Republican.

I’m a Republican.  Lifelong, second generation.  I’m also an evangelical Christian. I’m not leaving, and I’m not going to shut up.  I won’t be intimidated, or shamed into silence, in the face of a bully, would-be autocrat, or his devoted followers.

I want my party back.  I want my country back.

3 thoughts on “I Smell A Rat, Alright

  1. DeeDee, sometimes I feel like my head is going to explode. 🤯
    This week was one of those times. I have to write…wait, and cool off…then, go back and read what I wrote…just to make sure that it still makes sense to me, and wasn’t just emotional, blowing off steam.
    I’ve already written something about the shootings yesterday, but I don’t think it’s appropriate to share today, or maybe even tomorrow. Now should be a time for respectful mourning.
    Thanks for your encouragement. ❤️🙏


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