A Place For Healing

So, an interesting thing happened today at this local church I’m a part of. Here’s the story:

About three years ago (not long before McFamily became part of Lifebridge), a young couple, Bill & Susan (not their real names), showed up at Lifebridge. They came here because they had effectively been given the “left foot of fellowship” at their previous church.

Officially unloved. Removed. Talked about. Fired. Hurt. Wounded.

To say that they had trust issues with the church – any church – would be an understatement. Only because some friends who had also been “damaged” at the same church told them about Lifebridge, and that it was a “safe” place, they decided to come.


They sat in the back. It was a brave, and difficult, decision. The wounds were fresh, and raw….

Lifebridge isn’t a perfect church; it has people in it. It has me in it.

It’s designed to be a church that people who don’t normally like or attend church…like. It focuses on loving God, and loving people, and building community. It teaches that Jesus predicted his own death & resurrection, and then pulled it off. It also teaches that Jesus loves us, even when/if nobody else does.

Today (3 years later), Bill & Susan (and their family) said good-bye to Lifebridge…because they are moving to another city to be on staff at another church similar to Lifebridge. It was emotional, with tears and stuff. But…

They are healed, and whole, and loved. And ready to help other people who have hurts.

I’m glad I get to be part of a church where stuff like that can happen.

Well played, Jesus.

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