For My Destiny

Today is Infant Loss Awareness Day. So, I remember.

I remember what it’s like to lose… Someone who was part of you.

Someone you had hoped for… waited for… longed for… prayed for… loved.

As a believer in Jesus Christ… and a Good Father God… there are still some things — okay, a lot of things — that I don’t understand. This may just top the list.

It doesn’t quite fit in some popular theologies, but sometimes bad things — painful things — happen. Even when you believe.

Can I just tell you… that, in a way I can’t even explain… even in that darkest of valleys, I “sensed” that God was helping me?

I realize your experience may have been different. I’m sorry.

That doesn’t mean that my faith is better than yours… or, that God loves you any less… or, that your pain and grief is any less significant or profound.

Many of you have lost infants through miscarriage, or premature birth. Dee and I never experienced that, but I have talked to many who have, and I know that it has left it’s mark on your heart. Again, I’m so sorry.

What I do believe about God… is that He sees you in your grief… and He cares, and He loves you, and the baby that you lost.

And, so, I believe that today… and everyday… He holds my Destiny in His loving hands. And, she is safe with Him.

Jesus loves the little children….

My nephew, Robert Bradley McGarity, 5/8/84-5/14/84

My daughter, Destiny Joy McGarity, 1/14/86-2/12/86

My grandson, Alex Nolan McGarity, 2/19/15-2/19/15


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