Go Into All The World, And….

In the church that I grew up in, “Missions” was a very high priority. My dad was an Assembly of God pastor; we were about as fundamental as you can get…plus, we were Pentecostal, so we could be fundamentalist in more than one language. 🤷‍♂️ (Sorry; couldn’t resist. I LOVE my heritage, as you will shortly see.)

Anyhow… We had missionaries come to our church on a fairly regular basis, we talked about missions ALL the time, and we had a very energetic children’s missions program, called BGMC, which stood for “Boys & Girls Missionary Crusade”. The “mascot” for BGMC was “Buddy Barrel”. Buddy Barrel was actually a little miniature piggy bank that kids (like me) would put coins in, and then, on a designated date, turn all of our Buddy Barrels in to see who had “won” (given the most to missions), and how much money had been raised to help the missionaries.

Missions has always been the passion of the Assemblies of God. We sent missionaries all over the world… to places like Africa… and Syria… and the missionaries would come back to our churches, and tell us the stories of how they shared the Good News of the love of Jesus… and people would come to faith, trusting Jesus… grateful for the visitors from America who came around the world to tell them about Jesus.

Because of missions programs like that (from lots of churches, denominations, and missions organizations), today there are tens of thousands of Christians in the Muslim-dominant Kurdish section of Syria.

And, today, mere days after President Trump made a deal with Turkey’s dictator Erdogan, and “America” pulled our military protection out of this area…Turkey invaded.

They will kill thousands of Kurds, including Christians, in their operation to destroy the Kurdish freedom fighters, who have been our greatest ally in fighting ISIS. We have, indeed, abandoned our ally to the regime of a brutal, bloody dictator.

And when they’re done, ISIS will have it’s opening to return. And, if they do, they will slaughter every Christian they can find.

And, everyone who bows at the shrine of this President as “God’s appointed leader”… will have their blood on your hands.

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