Exodus 20:2

So… I’m getting these messages, sometimes with an accompanying video appeal, imploring me to pray for our beleaguered — and heroic — President, because he is “under attack”.

Okay. 🤷‍♂️ Yes. I think we should pray. For him.

And, for our elected leaders in Congress. Right?

And, for our justices on the Supreme Court. Right?

I’m assuming that we need to pray for all of our leaders, elected officials, and “all those in authority”. (1Timothy 2:2) Right?

Because some of them might be under attack…

And, some of them might be charged with the responsibility of how to protect us (our country) from an out-of-control, power-mad, morally corrupt President.

You say “po-tay-to”, I say “po-tah-to”.

Let me implore you, at this critical moment, to look back to three, or four, years ago…when you first decided to support this man — probably because of who he was running against. Remember?

Remember…when you said that you were voting for him ONLY because he was the lesser of two evils? Because the rest of us do. I do.

Do you see how far you’ve come, from where you were then?

Back then — and before — you would never have imagined yourself defending… condoning… excusing the things that you find yourself endorsing now. Lying (non-stop, about EVERYTHING)… bullying… taking sides with Vladimir Putin against ALL of our intelligence agencies… colluding with a foreign government to help win an election (the 2020 election)… equating the vulgar, obscene words of an immoral, faithless, godless man with Christianity… excusing EVERY SINGLE THING he says, does, and tweets.

You can keep blaming it on Hillary Clinton, or abortion, or the Democratic Party, in general. You can keep saying that he is “ God’s man”, and telling me — and everyone else — that we should pray for him. But, the truth is…you are now attached to the most corrupt President in our history. Nixon? Andrew Johnson? Bill Clinton? Not even close. And, those were all flawed men. Deeply flawed. But, this???

I agree that we should pray for him. I’ve said that from the beginning. But, the real question has to do with you: What would it take for you to say that he has disqualified himself, and needs to be removed from office?

What if — hypothetically — there were voice recordings of him accepting bribes, or admitting that he’s being blackmailed by Vladimir Putin? What if there was proof of him committing the same immoral acts in office that you wanted Bill Clinton removed from office for? What if his tax returns revealed that he’s repeatedly committed tax fraud, hasn’t paid his taxes, and has embezzled millions of dollars for his own personal use? Let me stress that these are hypothetical scenarios, but the answer is important, because…

If there is nothing that could cause you to lose your allegiance to him, then he’s not your President. He’s your GOD. And, I wonder… How do you think Jesus would feel about that? 😢

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