The Devil, Democrats, and Donald Trump

Okay, okay…OKAY!! I admit it: I came up with that title just to get your attention. 😂 I could have added lots of names (including my own, probably) to make some of you feel better: Hillary, Obama, “W”, Stephen Miller, Steve Bannon…. But, on the other hand, I’ve reluctantly come to the conclusion that I will never be able to make some of you happy, so I decided to keep the list short. 😜

Anyhow, lately I’ve been receiving some negative feedback on my criticism of the current President, from some of my ministerial friends, no less. I’ll try to stick to the short list of complaints. To summarize, it goes something like this:

1) Donald Trump may not be perfect, but he’s God’s man. God is obviously using him to save America, from…
2) The evil Democrats (and ALL of them are, because of the Democratic Party platform, and it’s position on abortion), who want to destroy America. They are all radical leftists, baby-killers, and pro-socialism. Also, they don’t believe in the Second Amendment, they want to take ALL of our guns away, and remove our religious freedom. We know this because they are already allowing Sharia law to take over in parts of the country. This is also part of the conspiracy to turn our nation into a Muslim nation. ANYONE who votes for a Democrat (at any level of government), or supports them, or criticizes Donald Trump (that’s where I come in, I think) is part of this conspiracy, and in rebellion against God. (Obviously, DUH!!)
3) The Devil? Well, uh, anything bad that happens is, of course, his fault. As opposed to…anything bad that happens could, possibly, be the result of our own poor choices.

Hold on to your Cheetos! I know that was just a bit over the top…but, if you were to take a look at some of the comments and responses to some of my posts over the last few weeks, you’d know that I’m not stretching too much from what some of MY friends have been saying. Reluctantly — VERY reluctantly — I’m starting to be convinced that they actually believe all of that.

Folks, I KNOW some Democrats…personally! I’m actually friends with a half-dozen or so, and I honestly LIKE at least four of them. I haven’t had the opportunity to tie them down, and water-board the truth out of them (yet), but I’m pretty sure that they don’t fit in Category #2, listed above. In fact, if you were to look at them on the street, I’m betting that you couldn’t tell them from, well, a Republican! (Probably that “wolves in sheep’s clothing” thing.) In all of my conversations with them, none of them have started foaming at the mouth, or chanting satanic mantras. A few of them have had their eyes roll way back in their head, but, honestly, I think it may have been something to do with one of my VERY funny and clever puns, or when I say, “Did I ever tell you about….” 🤦‍♂️ It’s never been about when ever I talk about my faith. You know, in Jesus. Not once have I had a Democrat fall on the ground in convulsions when I’m talking about Jesus, or my faith, or where I go to church.

Speaking of church, DID YOU KNOW…that Democrats go to church??? I mean, SOME Democrats; not all of them, of course. That would be REALLY bizarre! And, it would make it nearly impossible for Republicans to go to church. I’m pretty sure that would upset some of you more than others, but, I digress. Back to the point:

I’m just not sure why so many of us (Republicans) have come to the conclusion that the way to fix all of our country’s problems is to vote all of the Democrats out of office. Or (to be perfectly fair), why so many of us (Democrats) believe that we need to vote all of the Republicans out of office.

Listen, there’s a lot (a LOT!) that I don’t know about politics. I’m not smart enough to figure out the perfect immigration policy; it’s really a very complicated issue. (And, if you don’t think it is…and you think it’s a simple problem…I definitely don’t want to hear your thoughts on it.) I don’t have a clue about how to manage our nation’s economy. I probably shouldn’t be trusted to come up with the perfect solution to our epidemic of mass shootings, and gun violence, and what guns should be banned, and how to accomplish that. Or, how to supply pacifiers to anyone out there who thinks they might lose one of their favorite play things/killing machines. The list of things that I don’t know how to fix is, really, pretty long.

Treasure this moment: This is me, confessing that there are a lot of things I don’t know. In the words of Seals & Croft’s, “We may never pass this way again.” 🤪🤷‍♂️

BUT…I know this: Letting the Republicans have their way, unrestrained by any Democratic pushback or control, would be THE END of our great nation. And, allowing the Democrats to push through any legislation they wanted without the resistance of any Republicans, would be just as bad. If you have a serious disagreement with me on this point, then your opinion is invalid, and not to be taken seriously.

We need more GOOD Republicans…and more GOOD Democrats…working together, to make our nation great. Greater than it is right now. And, yes, I believe that there are lots of good people on both sides of the political divide. Most of the time, they disagree with each other on the best way to run the country. But, that’s okay; it’s been that way for a long time. The Republican Party didn’t exist until the mid-1800s, but our country was founded on the concept of working out the things we disagree upon.

Donald Trump is the exception. We’ve NEVER had someone in the White House like him. EVER. And, he’s neither a Republican, or a Democrat. Technically, he’s hijacked the Republican Party — and many Republicans have embraced him — but, it’s clear that the only agenda he REALLY cares about is his own. I’ll address that more fully in a future post, probably, but for those of you still awake (🙄), that’s probably more than enough for now. Thanks for tagging along.

I love you all. ❤️🙏

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